Advance sciense center

Visitor Info

Review this list of commonly asked questions to help prepare for your visit. 

Do you have Food Service?  
While the center does not have food service, vending machines are available in the Skyline Room on the second floor for drinks and snacks. You are also welcome to bring in a packed lunch, provided you keep all food and beverages in the Skyline Room. Food and drinks are not permitted in the exhibit areas.

May we leave the center and come back?
Should you need to leave the Science Center temporarily for any reason, you may return the same day and re-enter by showing your receipt for admission.

What is the best time of day to visit?
Weekday mornings during the school year are often a busy time with school groups visiting the center. If you would like to avoid school group traffic, you might want to visit after 1 p.m.

Can we take pictures while we are there?
Photos and video for personal use may be taken inside the Science Center, with available light and electronic flash attachments. Tripods and lights may not be used. Publication or sale of photographs is not allowed without Science Center permission. 

Do you rent strollers or wheelchairs? 
The Science Center has a limited number of strollers and wheelchairs available on a first come, first serve basis at no cost. You can request a stroller or wheelchair at the front desk. Please return the item to the admission desk promptly before your departure. 

I lost my glasses, cell phone, jacket, etc. when I was there. Do you have it?  
The Center maintains a lost and found.  If you have lost an item, you may check with the admission desk to see if it has been returned. Unclaimed items become the property of Adventure Science Center after 30 days.