Advance sciense center

Space Chase

Discover our newest permanent exhibit wing!
In this 15,000 square foot addition to Adventure Science Center, you can discover the wonders of the universe
through a variety of hands-on, interactive exhibits. 

Our Newest Space Chase Gallery Now Open!

Explore Wonders of the Universe at Adventure Science Center, our newest permanent exhibit gallery. Wonders of the Universe examines the visible and the invisible, using a hands-on approach that includes a mix of multi-touch technology, gaming, imaging and other media. You won’t want to miss:

Star Walk – Immerse yourself in this deep space simulation. Experience the darkness of space and the brilliance of stars everywhere as you take a walk through an imaginary galaxy. Watch that first step and be sure to hold on to the handrail!

Cosmic Ray’s – Compete with the crews of other ships as you explore space by playing Beyond Our World, a multiplayer space adventure in Cosmic Rays, a completely unique gaming environment. And don’t forget to check your score on the Big Board!

Solar Projection Table– The Sun is 93 million miles away; but, at the Solar Projection Table, you can see images of sunspots and solar flares up close, all projected on a five-foot wide table. At this exhibit you can stare at the Sun!

Infrared Wall – What does your heat signature look like compared to others when captured by our infrared camera? At this exhibit, you will see your body’s different temperatures converted to colors and projected in real time as you walk in front of the Infrared Wall. So, how hot or cold are you?

Space Imaging – Have you ever been X-rayed?  Do you use a remote control?  Learn how the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum makes these things (and more) possible at the only-one-of-its-kind, 100-inch multi-touch table. Move objects through the different wavelengths of the EM spectrum, see how different they look, and learn why.  Explore the ultimate in energy - radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma rays!