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Outreach Program

If you want to offer your students an exciting, unique science program, but don’t have the time or resources for a field trip, call our Education Outreach services. We roll up and roll in to your classroom or after-school program to provide exceptional programs designed to ignite your students’ curiosity and inspire a lifelong discovery of science.

You can choose from high-interest, curriculum-linked science topics, such as space and renewable energy. Programs are specific to grade level ranges.

Maximum student attendance is 32 for workshops and 50 for demonstrations. Please note minimum fee is for 20 students per program, even if your class is smaller. Minimum of two programs per day must be booked.

Outreach programs are offered as classroom experiences or after-school activities outside the Nashville Metropolitan Area.

Program dates are subject to availability.

Program fees are $4 or $5 per student, depending on which program is requested. Schools also pay the federal standard mileage rate in place on the date of the program (currently $0.55 per mile). Minimum fee is for 20 students per program.

Choose one topic per date and then call 615-862-5177 for additional program details and reservation information.


30 Minutes

LIVING IN SPACE Grades 1-4, 20 to 50 Students Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Find out what it is like to live and work in space. Standards: Motion - 11, Personal Health and Wellness 2 and 3 SCIENCE BALL GAME Grades K-8, 20 to 50 Students Can you dribble a bowling ball or use a banana as a hammer? Increase your understanding of sport science, the skeletal system, states of matter, laws of motion, kitchen chemistry or other STEM topics in this exciting series of demonstrations, experiments and challenges. Standards: Matter – 9, Energy – 10, Anatomy and Physiology 5.0

45 Minutes

Grades 3-8, 20 to 32 Students
Which shapes make the best structures? Teams design and build a structure, test to see how much weight it can support, record data and revise their design to make improvements.
Standards:  Motion - 11, Forces in Nature - 12

Grades 3-8, 20 to 32 Students
Teams design, build and operate a wind generator and use scientific tools and problem solving skills to record how much power is generated, and revise their design to make improvements.
Standards: Motion - 11, Forces in Nature - 12

*For Design, Build and Test! Workshops schools must provide:

  • One adult assistant for every 10 students
  • A secure classroom or other space that will not be used for other programs, meetings or activities during the time of the workshop.