Advance sciense center


ur newest exhibit wing opened in June 2008 is giving visitors the chance to undergo simulated astronaut training in the Test Bed Gallery and tour our celestial neighborhood in the Solar System Survey.  Whether you want to experience a moonwalk or find out what you weigh on Jupiter, Space chase is sure to thrill anyone looking to discover the wonders of the universe.

BodyQuest presents a day in the life of your body. See what goes on inside you every day, how your body systems work together and how hard your body works to try to keep itself in good working order!

An interactive exhibit comprising 9,000 square feet, BodyQuest invites Science Center visitors to experience the complexities of the body's systems, make healthy choices and consider careers in healthcare.

BlueMax offers a three minute flight for two people in a full-motion, "forward-of-the-axis," total-freedom flight simulator. It is presented by Middle Tennessee State University and MTSU Aerospace.

BlueMax allows its pilot to control every bank, skyloop, back flip, corkscrew loop, spin and screaming dive. Inside, individuals experience concepts of flying, including the controlled use of speed and air pressure to take off, fly and land.

Adventure Science Center's Adventure Tower takes fun and learning through the roof. Literally! Packed with amazing interactivities, it's more than 75 feet tall with seven levels and an observation area that looks out over the whole city. Hoist a car off the ground without breaking a sweat. Get up close and personal with the human epidermis as you scale a larger-than-life wall of skin. Get ready to climb, slide, explore and discover. And let your imagination do the same.

Mission Possible


See how science and medicine team up to enable the disabled in this uniquely interactive experience featuring obstacles that everyday life presents for those with physical handicaps - and the machines of rehabilitative medicine designed to overcome them.

Sponsored by Vanderbilt Medical Center Department of Rehabilitation Services, Nashville Area Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Nashville Predators Foundation, Mission Possible is perhaps Adventure Science Center's most eye-opening interactive exhibit.