Advance sciense center

Distance Learning

Use videoconferencing technology to join in the excitement of a field trip to the Adventure Science Center! Our dynamic, experienced educators will share educational and fun science activities with your students and engage them in active learning experiences.

Choose a program from the list below. After you reserve your Electronic Field Trip, you will receive a pre-conference guide with enrichment activities. Sessions are available through IP connections.

25 minute program: $110
45 minute program: $160
(fees subject to change without notice)

To book a distance learning program or for more information:
E-mail: distancelearning@adventuresci.com
Reservations: (615) 862-5177 

Botany Lab
Grades 1-8
25 or 45 minutes

Discover the main parts of a flowering plant and learn about plant processes. Enjoy a microscopic view of the beauty of pollen grains and plant cells. Choose a 25 minute demonstration or 45 minute interactive dissection. For 45 minute programs, the site teacher supplies one flower and a pair of scissors per student. An ASC presenter leads the class through a flower dissection.
math standards: numbers and operations, geometry and measurement, embedded inquiry
cells: standard 1, biodiversity and change: standard 5, flow of matter and energy: standard 3

Bone-A-Fied Facts
Grades K-4  
25 minutes
Why do we have bones? What are bones made of and how do they fit together? The answers to these questions and many others await you in this engaging exploration of the human skeletal system. Sponsored by the HCA Foundation
cells: standard 1, anatomy and physiology 5.0

Dinosaur Discoveries
Grades K-5 
25 minutes  
Scientists draw conclusions about the structure and behavior of dinosaurs by comparing their fossils to observations of animals living today. Using realistic dinosaur fossil replicas and real animal artifacts students learn how to think like paleontologists.
interdependence: standard 2
biodiversity and change: standard 5

Magnets to Motors
Grades 4-8 
25 minutes  
Demonstrations with magnets and electromagnetic forces include a 3-D magnetic field view box, alnico magnets, powerful neodymium magnets, and ASC's six-foot, giant motor. See how electricity can be used to make an electromagnet and how a magnet can be used to generate electricity.
matter: standard 9
forces in nature: standard 12

Living in Space
Grades 1-4 
25 minutes  
Discover how living in space differs from living on Earth. Learn how astronauts work, eat, sleep, wash up, and the number one most often asked question about living in space: how they go to the bathroom!
motion: standard 11
forces in nature: standard 12

What's the Matter?
Grades 3-8
45 minutes

It's all about the states of matter in fun demonstrations and exciting experiments using liquid nitrogen. Become atoms in role-playing activities and see how atoms move differently in a solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Materials fee of $20 per program is required.
matter: standard 9
energy: standard 10

Standards listed correlate to Tennessee Science Standards