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Body Quest

BodyQuest presents a day in the life of your body. See what goes on inside you every day, how your body systems work together and how hard your body works to try to keep itself in good working order!

"Best in the State!" BodyQuest was presented the 2005 Award of Excellence in recognition of superlative achievement for a permanent exhibition at the TN Association of Museum's annual conference in March 2006.

Mini Med Center and Ambulance
Pat the Patient needs your help! Don a lab coat and examine the patient, check the blood pressure, look over the x-rays, take an EKG, and more. This area includes a real ambulance.

The Heart of It All
This area is full of exhibits and activities that demonstrate how the circulatory system works... and sometimes doesn't. The Big Heart features a ten-feet-tall beating heart that occasionally suffers an "attack" requiring emergency medical attention! The Blood Stream uses water to show how blood flows through the body. See how smoking can cause blood vessels to clog. Then become a cardiologist and insert a stent to send the "blood" along its way.

The Big Catch
It takes teamwork to manipulate a giant robotic hand and wrist and make the big catch to win the game! You'll be surprised at how much has to happen to make that catch. In this sports theme area, you'll learn how your bones support and protect your body and why it's wise to wear head protection in sports.

Down the Hatch
This series of interactive exhibits follow the path of food through your body from Feed Me, where you toss "food" into a giant mouth, then manipulate its course through the mouth into the esophagus, down to the stomach, and finally through the intestines and out the body. Take a ride down the colorectal slide!

Brain Storm
An enormous realistic brain offers scenarios that demonstrate what areas of the brain are in control of actions and thoughts. Plus, play a game of Mind Ball. Control a ball by controlling your thoughts. Certain types of brain waves are evident during periods of deep thought. "See" your thoughts in action.

Open Wide
Prepare for your next dentist appointment with Open Wide. This set of giant teeth, with a toothbrush to match, lets you learn about the importance of good dental health. Practice brushing and flossing, as well use our braces to straighten a set of chompers. Special internal lights indicating where the plaque is will let you know if you are doing a good job getting the teeth clean. For more dental fun, click here!  

Supported, in part, by, Delta Dental.

Body Battles
Body Battles is an interactive laser game that demonstrates the ongoing struggle inside all of our bodies between health and illness. Lieutenant Lymphocyte leads a team of "good guys" in battle against Private Pathogen's soldiers in a laser target gallery that replicates the immune system. Visitors experience for themselves how the immune system works.

The Wind Pipe
The Wind Pipe invites guests to step into an oversized model of the human respiratory system to explore the throat, windpipe and lungs. The interior of this larger-than-life respiratory system will engage children's senses with sights and sounds that illustrate the body at work, while hands-on activities direct the way to healthy habits.

The Amazing Aging Machine
The Amazing Aging Machine turns twelve-year-olds into seventy-year-olds in an instant. A face-altering photo booth encourages healthy choices by showing children how factors like smoking affect the aging process.

BodyQuest supported, in part, by the generous contributions of our sponsors:

Dr. and Mrs. William B Wadlington
The Martin Foundation
Nashville Academy of Medicine Alliance.