Advance sciense center


Sharp banks, sky loops and screaming dives await you as you maneuver your very own jet aircraft through the wild blue yonder. BLUE MAX lets you be the pilot, gunner or both as you engage in interactive dog fighting, carrier landings, flight training, and aerobatic maneuvers.

Totally controlled by the pilot (you) and capable of full 360-degree movement in two directions at once, BLUE MAX is faster, sharper and more exciting than any indoor thrill-ride. Every turn, spin, spiral and dive is truly performed by unique forward-of-the-axis technology and viewed in the simulator on the huge 58" cockpit screen using the finest, most advanced graphics available.

Soar through the atmosphere and experience the thrill of high performance aircraft without ever leaving the ground in BLUE MAX at Adventure Science Center!

Additional charge applies. $4 members; $5 nonmembers.